Our favourite: The Friday Maths Bingo!

Well done you all!
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Wellbeing Thursdays in Primary 4

Your body and mind are connected, we are looking at managing our bodies and practicing skills for self regulation. Today it was Minecraft Yoga, we have definitely made progress from our first attempt last week.

Feel free to join us on a Thursday, wear comfy clothes and fetch a Yoga mat. 😀

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It’s a Rap!

Primary 4 are focusing on the Ancient Egyptians in their Elements topic. We have used the internet, books and some real artefacts to help us gain an understanding about the time period.

Mrs Lunn challenged us to create our own raps with some of the key words we have found so far.

These are our first drafts, we have been so inspired we have been searching for music to rap to as home learning.

Take a peek at the first drafts and keep your eyes peeled for the final cuts,

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Peer learning in Year 7

We learn better when we help each other.

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