So many ways to illustrate a book!

Our book this half term was Tins and was based on the gruesome discovery of a finger in an unlabeled tin. We created our version of the gruesome things we could find in a tin.
/ Kirk Balk

Food from around the World testing for our Elements lesson

Today we tried some very different food from around the world and described how we felt about it. Very proud of all pupils who had a go at testing things they had never tried before!

/ Kirk Balk

Halloween challenges…

Primary 4 have faced their fears today and taken part in a spooky taste challenge. It was fabulous to see people taking risks, accepting the challenge and showing trust in our class team.

Could you complete the challenge? Frogs, warm worms, witches fingers and eyes of newts! Luckily Mrs Lunn had swapped them for real foods like noodles, prunes and chewy bonbons!

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Kirk Balk awesome Creative Writing

We are very proud of our writing this week, from sensory identification and scaffolding to full creative writing, we have done marvelously well!

/ Kirk Balk

Class 8 Assembly


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