Team Building in Year 9

Year 9 have continued to develop their ability to work as a team this week and worked in groups of three to complete different challenges.
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Year 11 Home-cooking

This week the year 11s worked hard to produce chicken fajitas and chicken curry. The end products looked and tasted amazing.

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Year 11 Design Technology

Great work by Mason, Brandon and James in this weeks DT lesson. A lovely learning environment and some great work being produced.

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Practical Maths in Year 7

Today we tried to increase the size of a chocolate bar by going from 24 pieces to 25 pieces. It was all in the cutting and re-arranging the pieces. Great work Year 7! Of course we shared the remaining pieces at the end!

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Getting to know an author…

Primary 4 have an extra member of the class at the moment- Gorilla! Gorilla is a character in a book by Anthony Browne, the author we are studying in class. So far we have read some of the books, identified which we prefer and why and also chosen our favourite of the three.

We have then moved on to look at Anthony as an author and his life so far. We have worked on the features of biography writing and looked at how events can be ordered chronologically. This was fun as we had photos of staff as children and had to try and order them chronologically.

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